Our current situation and vision
05, XX household has established 14 production lines in China, the number of employees in the factory more than 10000 people, exports more than a month more than 2200 40 'container, become the world's top one of wood furniture manufacturing plant. At present, it has been sold in more than 3,500 sales outlets in more than 100 countries, with annual sales reaching more than 3 billion yuan. Under the group's strategic planning, we begin to enter China's furniture business market, hope to be able to put our success in the United States sales model, introduced to the domestic market, hope to domestic consumers, also can enjoy the pure beauty of consumption specifications, enjoy the pure beauty of American life style.
Join request
Basic requirements

(1)Experience  materials operation, familiar with building materials market;
(2)Have the luxury management concept and good business reputation;
(3) Qualified as a legal person and clear division of labor.
(4) Identify with our ideas and understand the risks and benefits;
Store requirements

(1)Store location: cabinet business circle or building materials business circle;
(2)Store area: store area is not lower than that of competing brands;
(3) Store decoration: the decoration level and atmosphere are not lower than the local rival store decoration.
Team asked

Business director (1)Strong communication and team management skills; (2)Strong target management ability, able to sell target;
(3)Knowledge of industry, overseas life is preferred;
Management requirements

Brand franchise fee Refers to the fees paid to us by franchising the franchisee with the registered trademark, proprietary technology and other which the agent is authorized to operate in accordance with the provisions of the franchise contract.
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